The many inquiries about family crests nescessitate more detailed information about the work I provide. First off, because of the time involved, I do not research and/or supply genealogical family crests or any other information. Such must be furnished by the client. If a coat of arms is not known or not available, several means may be employed to obtain same. The Internet is probably one of the greatest sources by providing websites -many are free, some charge a fee -in any case...some are Federal- or State Genealogical sites and probably the largest of all is that of the Mormon Church in Utah. Under any circumstance don't forget to check with your local library, which can put you on the right track, I dare say the Public Library is the best deal in any town. I personally deal with Cyndi's List at: Now, this site caters to all countries and not only Germany. Try it, I'm sure you like what you find. Another one to is the web presence by the Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints, the Mormons.

Several companies send out postcards to supply genealogical information about the " your name here" family for around $ 30.00. I found that they supply only general information about a name but not about your particular family. Nonetheless, if nothing else is available, I'm able to create a NEW personalized family crest from the one they supply. My background and experience lets me re-work such common designs, and personalize them to your family particulars on the same level as Burke's Peerage in London designs new coats of arms. I have previously worked on exactly one of those projects for a family in South Wales/Great Britain, and just now finished a totally new design -including the Latin credo- for a businessman in the Republic of Slovakia.
Once you have some sort of picture, drawing or photocopy of a family crest and have decided to go ahead with it, I can take all other aspects from there. The only thing I need to know is: what do you intend to do with the finished product, what purpose will it serve? Will it be a shield or a large wall hanging, a small plaque to be displayed inside a cabinet, or whatever else you can think of. Since there are no limits, each individual family crest can be created to your specific needs and the sky is the limit. This also goes for the cost of same and estimates will be given once I know of your specific needs and wants. Generally though, the cost is determined according to the: art work involved, will it be etched or embossed, the finish, whether blackened, gilt or gold plated and finally the size. My photos on this website show some samples which are only to be taken as a benchmark, regarding cost. A shield, etched and blackened approx. $ 250.00. An 8.5 x 6.5 inches plaque, etched and gilt (with stand for cabinet display) $ 125.00. A 2 x 3 feet wall hanging, embossed with patina between $1500.00-2500.00 depending on artwork. the one on display (mounted on a 5/8" backing was made at a cost of $ 2000.00. Of course, material used and overall time involved in the project -which may or may not, include re-designing artwork also has to be considered. In essence, if you forward a picture and a few lines as to what you have in mind, I'll be glad to provide a cost estimate in short order, as well as any other pertinent information.

The many requests for estimates on family crests and shields have shown that that you must be specific as to the size, etched or embossed, and the finish is mentioned, before any cost estimate can be given. THANK YOU!!!

above left: 8.5" x 6.5",etched - above right: 26" x 19" etched

above center: 24"x36" embossed

For those individuals -or businesses- without existing family crest or business logo, I offer complete design services as needed. For example: For the Bartley family in Newport/Gwent, South Wales, UK, I took a commonly available Bartley crest and customized it with specifics only to these individual family members as shown below.


As a completely new concept, the design of a business crest for a California company went through many developement stages, and took 5 months to completion. The various stages are shown below with each item individually designed and re-designed, then modified according to customer's request.

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