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Well, finally I've   toured Europe again all summer, staying with my family in Wales/UK and taking periodic excursions to the continent, specifically France, Italy, Germany, as well Portsmouth/England and the Cotswold area.; this in addition to the three months I spend from Sept. to X-Mas 2007 in Europe during which time I visited incognito Lviv/Ukraine during late October/Nov. Indeed, I visited the Ukraine Historical museum in Lviv , more specifically yet the Old Armory to do research for my book.... all the while convinced I was visiting Vladivostok/Siberia during a blizzard. I learned one thing from that visit, Thank God I don't have to live there and had a place to return home to. Enough said!

However, I can  and do recommend a visit to the Armory (in the Castello di Brescia)  in the city of Brescia/Italy. A fantastic place, has has more than 500 impressive armors on exhibit. Don't miss the Museum of Ancient Arms: the museum is located in the Castello di Brescia and is one of the most important collections of ancient arms in Europe. The visitor will find himself surrounded by over 500 weapons and armor fabricated in Italy and Europe from the 15th to the 18th centuries. There are very rare pieces, masterpieces of technique and refinement and many made in Brescia. The museum also contains the remains of a Roman temple found during excavations. The staff was extremely accommodating and permitted me to photograph extensively; unfortunately too may windows and the bright sun cast a lot of reflections and shadows.  if you're in Northern Italy, this place is a must visit !

Check: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLJ,GGLJ:2007-51,GGLJ:en&q=Museo+delle+Armi+%22Luigi+Marzoli%22

Another place I do recommend for a visit -providing you are willing to forego any photography and stay with a group during a guided tour- is the Museo STIBBERT in Florence/Tuscany. Its a shame the place is utterly mismanaged due to the lack of funds , hence does very  little catering to those who pay. I'm disappointed that such a great place and absolutely fantastic exhibit put diligently together by Frederik Stibbert during past centuries is being neglected/ignored by the Florence city fathers. By all rights I can imagine the armor touring museums around the world returning funds for its support. Here is a place that needs a lot of help and new management. The entire museum is definitely worth a visit.


New York times review of the STIBBERT MUSEO: http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guides/europe/italy/tuscany-and-umbria/florence/attraction-detail.html?vid=1154654610017


Famous Makers and European centers of Armour Production from the MET


A resource for Historic Arms and Armor Collectors is this invaluable link that no true armorer can afford to miss. Make sure you browse the entire web site.



This just came in from my friend Boris in Russia, Helmschmied at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Check this out.
The pictures are fantastic. Unfortunately, it is only in Russian



New 1880 Censushttp://www.familysearch.org/



indeed, try this free geniology web site and be suprised. Check especially the Message Board and GEN-DE Archive(click on th logo above)


Kunsthistorisches Museum /Hofjagd- und-Rüstkammer in Vienna/Austria
Anyone with a chance to visit here simply can't afford to miss it. Quality and Beauty of this collection ranks supreme, which consists primarily made for royalty and nobility, which also includes my favorite Harnisch -made by Kunz Lochner for Nikolaus IV, Radziwill- around 1555.

Museo Stibbertin Florence/Italy
The collection of weapons and armour was set up by Stibbert between 1860 and the first years of the twentieth century. It offers a large quantity of armour, steal and firearms of the period that goes from the beginning of the sixteenth to the end of the eigthteenth, as well as other fifteenth century pieces, archaological objects and nineteenth century pieces. The abundance of the collections documents the evolution of the various types of weapons through the centuries.
The armour of the Malachite Room most of which dates back to the sixteenth century come from Italian, German and French Schools and corresponded war needs and warfare in general.

The Hermitage in St. Petersburg/Russia
Originally designed todisplay the imperial numismatic collection, the Knight's Hall now houses the European Arms & Armor Collection from the 15th - 17th centuries. The HERMITAGE is an absolute 'must see' for any visitor to St. Petersburg.


The Higgins Armory
An exceptional museum and educational site which caters particularly to schools, this site should not be missed.

The Royal Armouries Website in Leeds/England
A great educational site for school teachers, this website provides teacher resources, incl. various worksheets based on an educational visit to the Royal Armouries , as well as links to other museums, Medieval Warfare, more links, and also serves as a cross curricular educational resource designed in co-operation with the University of Leeds.

http:// www.armouries.org.uk/
Information about the Royal Armouries, its collections and much more. Includes info about Leeds, Fort Nelson and The TOWER of LONDON

MoW at the Royal Armories Museum, Leeds
lots of pictures showing various armors of all types, this website completes a grand tour through the NEW museum...its a must see.

The Canadian Museum of Civilisation's "Imperial Austria" Exhibiton
This site of the Canadian Museum of Civilization is beautifully designed and offers great pictures and information about the Imperial Austria exhibit, famous armor, which calls the Landeszeughaus in Graz/Austria its home.

The Landshut wedding of 1475
Information provided by the Landeshochschule in Landshut, this site offers information pertaining to the LANDSHUT WEDDING mentioned on my history page. This site is multi-lingual, also offers information about the next performance in 2001. (In English, German French Italian)

Ken Trotman LTD, supplier of rare books & museum catalogs
An absolute must for: "Fine Catalogs and Rare Books on Military History and Weaponry'" Richard & Roz's catalog also offer a section on ARMOR & EDGED WEAPONS. I have dealt with this company (located in Cambridge/England) for many years with very favorable results, there is no better one in this field for rare old books on armor. They are also suppliers to museums such as the British Museum in London, as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum, among many others.

A terrific site of the ZEUGHAUS in Graz/Austria offering fine pictures of horse armor, parade armor and cavalry armor aside from a short video tour of the arsenal besides other information. This Armory was historically most important as the last bastion defending Europe against islam. Its implications still being felt to this very day in Bosnia and Kosovo. Don't miss this site!!!!!!

Photgraphs from the Zeughaus in Graz/Austria
A detailed description of the arsenal with many fine photographs , this site shows various interesting views of the armory from the perspective of different web designers. Take your time browsing and studying the pics.

ARMOURERS (a part of the medieval craftsman series) by Matthias Pfaffenbichler
No one serious about armor and the history of the profession should miss this booklet (72 pages) originally published in 1992 by British Museum Press, ISBN 0-71412-054-4 ,(available at Barnes & Noble), this publication is also an ideal teaching tool for Middle Schools. Well written and explained, this booklet contains many illustrations and fantastic color photographs of plate armor dating to the 16-17th centuries

The New York Metropolitan Museum's Armor Collection
This link gets you to the First Floor European Armor section of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, NY. Clicking your mouse on the Arms & Armor link, you will get a description and picture of the parade armor designed by German Plattner Jacob Halder for Sir George Clifford, third Earl of Cumberland, as described in my "A short history about Plattnerkunst". Also, available: Horse Armor.

The works of Fillipo Negroli
The ultimate in parade armor...this link gives details in word and pictures from and about the: Fillipo Negroli and his Contemporaries Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is artistry in metalwork as has never been achieved again by any individual, its a must see.

HEROIC ARMOR OF THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE: Filippo Negroli and his Contemporaries by Stuart Pyhrr.
This book -a sumptious catalog- published in conjunction with the previously mentioned exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is a thorough reexamination of all the armors signed by Filippo Negroli. Fully illustrated, this is an absolutely essential book.

FINE ARMS & ARMOR: Treasures in the Dresden Collection by Johannes Schöbel
A hardcover book published by G.P.Putnam's Sons-New York, ISBN: 399-11363-0,(translated from German) this magnificent edition features probably the most extensive collection of luxurious arms and parade armor which I have been able to closely examine and video tape. Large format color plates make this book a real treasure and is highly recommended.

ARMS & ARMOR The Cleveland Museum of Art
Another hardcover book , new (publ.April 1999) of a less well known U.S. collection with 172 color plates and 17 halftones featuring a number of -to me- unknown items. Especially interesting is the 17TH CENTURY CAVALRY SPIDER HELMET which I have never seen before. ISBN: 0-940717-47-6(hc.)

Lots of information about castles
This is only one site which offers lots of information -especially helpful to schools teaching 4th grade and up- European history.Check it out.

More about castles yet,
Not only about castles, but lots more stuff, such as links to arms and armor and free downloads, building a castle and more. This is a site of interest to kids and adults alike.

Genealogical research on a big scale
More in line with my page about family crests, this is an important website for anyone wishing to research their family name. Don't miss this one!!!!!!

Family research
This is the genealogical Web presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. With millions of records from around the world, this church has done more then any other group to gather genealogical records and to promote the search for family roots.

And here is one more very important web site to search for your family roots. Don't miss this one..........

Home to Family history Research & Fine Heraldic Art
Many family names and family coat of arms, with free lookup, or will research for you

The EmderRüstkammer
A large collection of weapons and especially armor of styles nowhere else to be found, I have visited this incredible museum several times already, and can highly recommend it.

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