One can only wonder what is sooo.. interesting to warrant such frequent logon to this website by an Alchevsk/UKRAINE individual... which has continued for weeks on end.....

Any one?. Karl 09/11/2011

See for yourself below



Losers, Weepers…

                     A Novel (400+ pages  ©2005

Subject:  Missing booty stolen at the close of WWII by Soviet occupation forces. A national treasure and inadvertent discovery involves repatriation from a politically charged former Soviet Republic after 9-11. Corrupt (former KGB) officials and a criminal museum director selling to the 'Black Market' in the West are poised to thwart the effort.   ….inspired by actual event

Genre:     History - Action - Adventure - Crime & Political Intrigue - Europe/USA)


Shortly after WWII in Germany, more than 60 years ago on Feb.8, 1946, a Soviet military convoy confiscates a huge, enormously valuable, historic arms & armor collection from Wartburg castle (Martin Luther) under the guise of disarmament.

As recent as 2002 the German government appealed to Russian president Putin for the return of said 'Kriegsbeute' –but to no avail!

Yet, inadvertent remarks made by a by local and  overheard by an American during a business trip to an Eastern European nation immediately after 9/11 started an investigation and eventual search, crisscrossing four countries of Central- and Eastern Europe in pursuit and discovery of missing stolen art.  The collection entails the entire Rüstkammer (Armory) of more than 800 items -Spoils of war, formerly an integral part of the Wartburg: the world's fifth largest, historic arms & armor collection original to the House of Saxony.


The priceless treasure remains hidden underground, stored in vaults at a military museum of a former Soviet republic unbeknownst to the new Central Government; allowing a highly positioned, corrupt museum official to deal and sell  for personal gain on the international art 'Black Market'.

 An American's recovery effort in a country riddled with corruption and skullduggery intertwines with election fraud, murder, and poisoning of a presidential contender determined to lead his country towards the West.

Will the missing treasure return home after an eternity of searching in all the wrong places?

 Are  governments able to iron out their political differences; and what happens to corrupt individuals hawking parts of a National Treasure?

In line with copyright protection for the entire book, I'm no longer am able to avail the 'PROLOGUE'  for review but expect your understanding.

Thank you !!!!

On January 23, 2011 a little before 11AM this website was extensively sabotaged by injecting a virus to shut it down. Since I monitor this site regularly I caught infiltration within 30 minutes and managed to bring the entire site back Online in less than two (2) hours; much to the chagrin of the perpetrators -in the process tracking them via their ISP in Kiev, Ukraine.. It turned out they worked temporarily on behave of the Ukraine Historical Museum in Lviv on the museum's website..

At the time I placed positive proof of time and dates about the intrusions on various pages of this website immediately afterwards and continue to monitor same to this day; fully aware recent interest points to Ukraine again, specifically the  ALCHEVSK region this time.

For your security this website has been programmed to track and log everyone as to time, date, location & ISP for your very own virus protection and for as long as this Wartburg matter has not come to a close. Therefore, and until the return of the Wartburg Treasure is complete, the sale of War Booty on the Black Market is very much of interest to FBI & Interpol combined even if it takes decades from now.

Thank you for your visit; feel safe and.. as we say in Hawaii - Mahalo nui

Please visit again soon..


karlofgermany (I'll be watching intrusions closely)

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii USA