Until the start of this '' web site in early 1998 the name was known and associated with my previous career covering some 40 years and embracing an international artistic occupation; yet until 2001 no listing for vamplate was to be found on the entire Internet, which can also be said for most dictionaries ...but a very select few.

At some point thereafter the word started to show up in the UNITED STATES at a Washington, DC Scrabble game and my web site was focal point and reference confirming the word's existence.

Though vamplate in its original form (German= Brechscheibe) has been around since the first vamplate (, not from the time of the Crusades but since the earliest beginnings of plate armor, well established at the start of Renaissance.

This Dec 29, 2004 for the first time I entered VAMPLATE (my all e- ID) into GOOGLE and low and behold.....I find pages and pages of it. What a way to leave ones mark, though one has to start somewhere.
Just a suprise!

With everything that already has happened this new Millenium it seems, I no longer have control to just do my own thing (afterall, my birthdate on Jan.24 will confirn that) as opposed to others, I'm NOT from Mars but -guaranteed- from JUPITER

Now, that time for change is in full swing...time has also come to officiate the biggest change to my life and I can only guess where it will will take me personally and professionally.

At time of writing, all I know...something BIG is about to happen in 2005, whatever it may be.

Several years ago I discovered the whereabouts of an immense priceless treasure, the WARTBURG Collection missing since Feb 8, 1946...removed by Soviet Occupation Forces after WWII and hidden in a former Russian republic ever since.

Political upheaval in Eastern European countries may finally change conditions and permit its return as more governments are leaning towards the West, even want to join the EU.

All I know at this time....changes are imminent, major changes.....Thank God, I can be part of it.

I no longer wish to change the world, but if I can contribute my two cents worth, I'd be very happy.

Right now I'm in the process of completing a movie script that focuses on the world's armor, the fancy stuff, as well as the recovery of the Wartburg Collection. This should bring joy to every armor fancier who never had the opportunity to visit and personally inspect the fantastic treasures hidden in museums around the world.

Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous and happy NEW Year,

..and more than ever: Peace to the world

Karl of Germany Dec 2007