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Writing of the following text was inspired by comments made by someone in Germany concerning World Youth Day with the Pope in Cologne; some comments are included.



Heaven is empty

America's psyche has run amok and most disturbing is the nomination of the President's latest Supreme Court nominee.

By no means is the problem another woman in a seat of the highest court, but rather the President's emphasis on her new-found religion; for that matter the President too is a problem by continuously subsidizing his own religious believes within a government that under the constitution separates church and state.

How is it possible, I ask myself, that 'Believe' plays such a surmounting role in our lives. Why is 'God bless America' performed in almost every sports arena before a game; that's all it is ..a game, when 'God save us all' would be more appropriate according to the way this country is heading.

Does 'Believe' really move mountains in view of daily terror committed in the name of another religion; it makes me wonder if not religion is the greatest of all evils.

Why is it that a none-believer has to justify himself, when the believer does not, even though crimes and atrocities are committed in the name of 'Believe' thought to be the right one? 

Being a FREETHINKER, I ask why I must define myself agnostic, atheist, or even infidel though I'm spiritual and support the good of all human development.

All across America it has become embarrassing to declare oneself if not religious, in Islamic countries it is even dangerous and life threatening. Religion is a highly personal matter yet many believers set themselves up to be above and castigate those who don't support their view; the question is: how many genuinely believe in the creed of the creator of heaven and earth.

Even those who did not follow strict religious teachings have since 9/11 jumped on the bandwagon; not me!  I refuse to subscribe to political correct doctrine nor do I follow the few who have learned to stupefy others en mass to following like lemmings; to stay above it all, it takes nothing more than the use of common sense.

In fact, 9/11 is when I started for the first time to give such matters some serious thought, rationalizing with a brain I was born to think with. Mass murder and terrorism -even in the name of religion- is absurd and only proves that faithlessness resonates beyond reconciliation in the Hereafter.

Mass murder -yes, suicide-bombers, too are mass murderers- and Mohamed Atta will not get his 77 virgins in heaven, nor are the victims going to heaven, because heaven is empty.

God is not dead, as famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once declared, he was just never born. God is fiction, a projection, or as someone formulated once, a contingency formula.

Since earth' existence life is known to have started some 3.5 billion years ago, and humans are known to exist since 'Lucy' some 3+ million years ago, yet all six major religions only date from 2-6 thousand years ago, very, very recent; a mere drop on a hot stone.  Where was religion before that?

The world was viewed as some sort of 'Black Box' were all unknowns appeared threatening and therefore is explained with a contingency formula named 'GOD'. A simple solution, it also creates five consequences.

1.                           The contingency formula GOD forces other possibilities that exist  to be suppressed.

2.                           Large numbers of questions are explained away into the Hereafter with contingency formula GOD.

3.                           For that, contingency formula GOD needs professional assistance to keep the masses in line, namely: Priests.

4.                           To be functional, in other words to reduce complexities of the world, contingency formula GOD generally must diminish the world, in other words: we need a Hereafter.

5.                           Those who don't believe in GOD will be ostracized.


Understanding and comprehending is a progressive matter easier to picture when narrowing advances of sciences and computers to the last fifty years, and while humans have moved forward in giant steps, they unfortunately cling to a believe instilled in them by other none-progressive thinkers, obsolete and no longer applicable in today's world; a science that belongs into the history books to be forgotten. Religious history has proven it’s a business for the enrichment of some and nothing more, keeping in mind Copernicus was labeled a heretic among others. Why is religion steadfast refusing to move with the times?

Starting with animistic views of nomads about the many Gods of the Antiquity the contingency formula continued to develop according to human weaknesses until one modern GOD remained. The 'competence' formula progressed to the genial invention of a human son in the New Testament where the contingency formula finally found its match, because in Greek scriptures it could be understood by anyone without help of scholars, but in Hebrew and Aramaic was no longer possible. No longer were 'Believers' able to translate Christian scriptures themselves, often their own thoughts were considered heresy if it didn't agree with the teachings. Anyone who didn't agree was considered an infidel or none-believer.

The world has become more secular and less tolerant of others outside their realm, instead of exploring DNA and modern sciences, many hang on to instilled but outdated believes, rather than applying a brain they were born to use.

You'd be the judge.


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