A tournament armor for the 'GESTECH', possibly made for Maximilian I by Lorence Helmschmied of Augsburg. This type of armor is portrayed in "THE TRIUMPH OF THE EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN" (Woodcuts, better known and described in my 'A short history' as : Der Weisskunig by Max Traitsauerstein and Hannsen Burgmair) The distinctive dimensions of the great helmet, the breastplate and the protection for the arms and legs make this armor appear to be a direct relative to tournament armor in use during the 15th century in France, portraying a Burgundian influence which was later assimilated by the court of Maximillian I. This harnish and 3 more of the same type can be seen at: Musée de l' Armée in Paris/France. Of course, for the largest and best collection of tournament armor anywhere, don't miss the fabulous collection of: Germanisches National-museum in Nürnberg/Germany.