Who precisely made this exquisite masterpiece between 1562-1564 is unknown, but the decoration and embossed work was carried out by Antwerp goldsmith Eliseus Libaerts after designs by Etienne Delaune. The background of this armor is richly engraved with a scrolled leaf design upon which are embossed floral scrolls, butterflies, birds, snakes,dolphines and other creatures, ribbons of fruit, weapons, musician putti, sphinxes, griffins and masks. It also features in round and oval surrounds (on the man's armor) six scenes from the Trojan War and the legend of the Argonauts. The horse armor features fourteen scenes from the legend of Hercules. Except for the bright pictorial medallions, the man's (and horse) armor is entirely gilt, and was made for the Swedish King Eric XIV. This set was aquired at the beginning of the 17th century from a dealer by the Elector Christian II of Saxony for 8,800 guilders and today is still part of the arms& armor collection of: Historisches Museum in Dresden/Germany, which is housed in the Zwinger.