Unsurpassed for its simple beauty and sleekness, line and craftsmanship, this armor was made in 1588 for the "Welsches Gestech" (tournament) for Kurfürst Christian I, -Elector of Saxony- by by Anton Pfeffenhäuser in Augsburg. This harnish can be seen at the: Rüstkammer, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen- in the Zwinger- in Dresden/Germany. (And while you are there, say "Hello" to militaria curator Dr. Heinz-Werner Lewerken, with whom I have spend a glorious time at his home studying armor, but more so..drinking German beer) As an after thought: Nowhere, of all the armor collections I have ever visited in this world, have I had the opportunity to study sooooooooooo...many luxurious armors. Dresden is the ONE to visit, if you wish to see opulent luxury armor at its best. Also, Dresden is being rebuilt to its original splendour, putting even Venice to shame..DON'T MISS THIS ONE.