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Attention:  Renee' E. DeShazor

Information Program Specialist

Customer Assistance Office

U.S. Department of Homeland Security              

20 Massachussetts Avenue

Washington, DC 20529                                        November 10, 2004



Dear Renee' E. DeShazor                                 



Thank you for your 11/01/2004 reply concerning my letter addressed to President Bush, dated Jan. 11, 2004.

Better late than never…

To me, it is absolutely incomprehensible that I  -Bush supporter- could have been so far off-base about our President and the individuals in government that represent him.

You stated in your reply: (quote)

 "the concerns expressed in your letter have been personally reviewed by a member of this staff"  a remark that has me extremely concerned about the next four (4) years and the decisions being made in our President's name.

To wit: I have not ever applied for a change of visa status concerning an individual named Emily Plagman, especially one of the female gender as you numerous times referred to.

To date, a year ago I requested a visa status change for a male Slovakia national named Rastislav Zabronski, -who- I might add, is registered part owner of an American Import-Finishing-Wholesale company listed with the Wisconsin Secretary of State Office.

This company -now dissolved- consisted of a partnership formed by three U.S. citizens and members of my family along with two Slovakians who were absolutely vital to the survival of this enterprise, who not only supplied cash money but more important knowledge and expertise, especially overseas contacts, an agent and producers to make this venture possible.

I dare say, nobody involved in the decision making process of this current government can possibly imagine the overwhelming damage inflicted on the lives of those involved, this due to sheer stupidity and short-sightedness.

In short, the company was forced to dissolve because of government bureaucracy at its finest, while everyone here lost their lifetime investment, and that's not all. Losses also have been inflicted by more delays on orders of Dept. of Home Security.

Thank God, we did not import fish while only losing the 2003 season before finally obtaining our first containers.

With time at a premium, bureaucrats in Washington, DC and Lincoln, NE have proven to be unable of thinking outside the confines of their cubicles, while Immigration officials wasting months in returned three (3) times) the applicable documents without as much as noting or acknowledging accompanying letters with detailed, specific, concise explanations, obviously unable to understand a clear, direct and concisely written letter in English.

This all long before I started to contact the President as a last resort, including travel to Milwaukee seeking personally to speak with Wisconsin Senator Feingold regarding this matter.

The Senator's aid in Milwaukee -in my presence- contacted the Nebraska Immigration official who has signed the returned documents, only to be put off by his impertinence and eventually being hang-up on.

Is the U.S. Immigration Service Office in Nebraska by chance manned with illegal aliens unable to communicate, or are those government employees with similar qualifications as you profess to have occupying space at your offices and personally take care of matters at hand?

I have received better treatment from India based employees after contacting tech-support about printer problems for my XXXXX computer printer.

Worst yet, a processing-filing fee (cashier's check) valid for only six (6) months has yet to be returned. Please explain WHO has pocketed that money.

I must demand an investigation and reply from your offices as you can surely imagine I am still required to file 2004 Federal Income Tax statements, concerning declaration and dissolution of the company and its finances.

The afore mentioned just on a personal basis, you now should consider additional losses to the nation, such as the jobs we outsourced to various local manufacturing companies, U.S. shipping and trucking companies, least of all taxes to the government and not to mention unable to hire exclusively employees age 50 and over (who in this country are already severely discriminated against because of age).

The crowning glory and severity of this situation is the cause of a broken up a family and in my case an eminent divorce in the making.

Sole catalyst: U.S. government apathy and bureaucracy…at its finest.

At age 61 I'm the largest investor and all around losses have driven me personally way past depression to the final stage of RESIGNATION, a life without a future…its over!

What more profound is there to be said?

One can only wonder what this government does to other citizens it is supposed to serve.

From another perspective, I arrived on these shores in 1966, was drafted within six (6) months, am a Vietnam Veteran, all this while I was denied U.S. citizenship upon request before being shipped overseas.

Not once did I asked nor received government assistance while contributing a lifetime to this country and its well being.

Upon returning home from Viet Nam (1969), I couldn't even get a taxi cab because I was dressed in uniform,

...today???  Can it get worse?

Unable to even get a silly work permit for my European part-owners/business partners of an American company (www.rattan-galleryusa.com), to apply their much needed expertise in a locally owned and built company that benefits the American economy and workforce, unless they hold a NOBEL PRICE or invest a MILLION  $$$ - 9/11..HOME SECURITY ACT

...yet this government does convey legal status upon 'Illegals' from south of the border

(RE: article Dallas Morning News)

Do I need to say more?

Madam, these lines are not directed towards you personally, but what has transpired in this instance is beyond description and shames America for all it stands.

Being subjected to the hypocrisy of recent political television ads really brings matters to the forefront, while I see nothing but apathy from the lowest to the highest ranks in government, your office is not the only one. With more than 30 years of business experience, I can only say, just once place a government employee in private business and observe how far they get. Has anyone ever heard of: THE BUCK STOPS HERE?

Do you have the guts to forward these lines directly to the President?

Please, don't reply, I am well qualified to furnish my own answer.

Instead, please take time out and check: www.karlofgermany.com/2002.htm

View the photographs and study what it is this country needs more off, because it seems native born individuals no longer possess the spirit this country was built on. I heeded President Kennedy's call: Ask not what your country can do for you…. Yet all this country has returned is a kick in the teeth.

God save us all.



Karl R. Lechten

aka: Karl of Germany




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